This dome shaped, light and small size device emits only far infrared rays which match with human body’s natural FIR energy wavelenght. It is specifically designed for the maximum FIR exposure for the face and neck. The same device can be used for hands as well. The patented technology creates  narrow range FIR energy which exactly resonates with body’s own FIR range.
One of the health advantage of FIR exposure is increased collagen production in the exposed area. When the blood circulation gets boosted, it helps cells to get more nutritional material. They function better and their manufacturing process improve. The cells produce more collagen which improves the appearance of the wrinkles and the aging. Over the time the skin vitality gets boosted and the fine lines and age spots disappear. The effect can be noticed 5-7 days after getting 15 minute of daily exposure. Specific treatment schedules should be used continuously to maintain the improved texture and appearance of the skin.



  • Wrinkless and Fine Lines
  • Tightening and Firming of the skin
  • Age spots and hyper-pigmentation on face, hands and neck
  • Improving acne scars, burns and injuries
  • Decreasing pore size
  • For anti-aging purposes
  • Reducing blemishes and redness


For any medical condition of your skin problem you should consult a health care provider before using this device.