This dome shaped device emits only far infrared rays which match with human body’s natural FIR energy range. The patented technology used in this device brings the best healing range from FIR waves. Human body harmonizes with its FIR wavelength and shows better response to it. The energy is created by vibrating active carbon fibers inside the device. The same patented technology is used in FIR treatment devices placed in some hospitals and high end healing saunas in different countries. Studies prove that FIR strengthens immune system by increasing production of white blood cells (leukocytes) and killer T-cells.

This portable device can be used for any part of the body. Its healing effect is seen by:
• Increased blood flow
• Reduced toxins
• Stimulated metabolism
• Increased immune system cells
• Decreased internal fat cell sizes
• Accelerated healing function
• Slowed aging process

When the problem area is exposed to FIR, it gives sensation of slight heat in the applied area. The duration can be adjusted according to the severity of the damaged tissue. The device doesn’t make any sound, flame or air circulation. Touching the surface is safe and never burns the tissues. Indeed by covering it with a blanket you can create your own healing sauna. It doesn’t give any harm to the body with sense of relaxing and refreshing warmth. Long term usage of the device decrease the body’s fat tissue and recommended for weight management.