Environmentally-friendly laundry product - 100 % Natural New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls  

BB Holistics is always looking for ways to protect our families and our environment from toxins and harsh chemicals. Our BB Holistics 100% Natural New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls do a better job of softening your laundry than dryers sheets or liquid softeners.

Prevent carrying toxic chemicals from the dryer sheets to your skin. Our 100% Natural Wool dryer balls can do a better job without irritating chemicals and fragrances. These all-natural chemical-free dryer balls are especially best for babies' clothes and help keep harsh substances away from their skin. BB Holistics Environmentally-friendly Wool Dryer Balls are also ideal for individuals with skin sensitivities and allergic reactions to chemical substances.

Simply toss 6 balls into your dryer with a large load of clothes and press the start knob of your machine. You can use these balls again and again for up to 1,000 loads! Our wool dryer balls reduce dryer time and also work in lower temperature settings.

To clean your BB Holistics 100%  Natural New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls place each ball inside a non-coloured thin sock and add them to a hot wash cycle with your other clothes. Dry the balls using the highest heat setting. You may remove the "pilling" on the surface of the balls that naturally occurs over time. Although you don't really have to, as these little pills actually aid in softening.

BB Holistics 100% Natural New Zealand Chemical-Free Dryer Balls are good up to 1000 dryer loads, or approximately 5 years (at 4 loads per week). These eco-friendly products save the planet and also save a lot of money from your laundry budget! 

You may use a few drops of your favourite essential oils on your dryer balls to add a natural scent to your clothes.

  • Material: Natural Pesticide-Free Sheep Wool
  • Hand Made from 100% pure New Zealand Wool
  • Ideal for baby's clothes and those individuals with sensitive skin
  • Reduce static while drying your laundry
  • Reduce dryer time up to 30%
  • Last for 1000 dryer cycles
  • 3 balls for each cycle for small to medium loads, 6 dryer balls for large loads
  • Dryer Balls Size: 7cm diameter
  • Package: 6 balls per pack
  • Comes with cotton carrying bag

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