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BB Holistics EMF Shielding Baby Blankets
Baby Blanket  Protective Pregnancy Belly Cover | 5G Anti-Radiation Soft Cotton Outer Layers + EMF Shielding middle layer

BB Holistics EMF Shielding Baby/Toddler Blankets are designed to protect your baby from any kind of electromagnetic field (EMF). Our blankets are made of 3 layers of fabric. The outer layer is 100% cotton, while the middle layer is a fabric which protects against electromagnetic signals. 

BB Holistics EMF Protection Baby/Toddler Blanket creates a safe environment for infants to grow and develop by minimizing their exposure to everyday radiation.  Your young child’s body is more sensitive to the signals coming from cell phones, wireless devices, routers, Bluetooth and  5G towers. There are many experts worried about EMFs' long term health effects, especially on human brain development. Our BB Holistics Blanket shields babies and young kids from potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure at this vulnerable stage of life. 

BB Holistics EMF Protection Blankets can be used by pregnant mothers to protect their babies in the womb. Start protecting your child before they are born. BB Holistics EMF Shielding Blanket cane used as a Protective Pregnancy Belly Cover. Use them to cover your belly while watching tv, reading a book at home, working on the laptop, or using the cellphone. 

Product Info:

  • 99% shielding effect from electromagnetic fields (lab tested)
  • Protects from 5G, WiFi, cell phone, electro-magnetic frequency (EMF), radio frequency (RF) & other types of potentially harmful radiation
  • Made of 3 layers: 100% soft cotton exterior + EMF Shielding middle layer
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk fabric
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe (tumble dry, medium heat)
  • Girl, boy and gender-neutral designs and colours
  • 41”X 32” (105 X 81cm), big enough to be used until the child’s toddler years

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