BB Holistics EMF Shielding Baby Hats
Protective Newborn Baby Beanie Hats | Infant Caps | 5G Anti-Radiation
Soft cotton/nylon blend + Silver Fiber Radiation Blocker

BB Holistics EMF Shielding Baby Hats fit comfortably around the infant’s head and  are designed to protect your newborn baby’s head from electromagnetic radiation.  Many researches show the brain cells are very sensitive to EMF.  Younger bodies have higher cellular growth rate and  more susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Protecting them at that delicate stage is more important than protection in the later stage of life. 

BB Holistics EMF Shielding Baby Hats  is an ideal cover for the baby’s head area. It can significantly reduce exposure to radiation and  EMF.  These newborn infant caps are made of cotton with 42% silver fibre.  Silver fibre is a powerful radiation blocker to protect the bodies against high and low frequency radiation.

BB Holistics EMF Protection Baby Hats create a safe environment for infants to grow and develop by minimizing their exposure to everyday radiation.  Your newborn infant’s body is more sensitive to the signals coming from cell phones, laptops, wifi routers, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, other wireless devices and 5G towers. There are many experts worried about their long term health effects, especially on human brain development. Our BB Holistics Baby Hats protect your infant from the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure at this vulnerable stage of life. 

Product description:

  • Blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation
  • Recommended for daily usage
  • Size: Newborn 0-3 months old age 
  • Color : Gray, neutral color, works well with other outfits
  • Material: 53% cotton, 42% silver fiber, 5% nylon 
  • Hypoallergenic, comfortable, breathable fabric
  • Hand-wash. Machine wash cold, delicate setting. Air dry.
  • Made in Canada 


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