BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children - BB Holistics
BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children - BB Holistics
BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children - BB Holistics
BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children - BB Holistics
BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children - BB Holistics
BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children - BB Holistics

BB Holistics Weighted Blanket for Children

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BB Holistics Weighted Health Blanket for Children is designed to help kids and young adults suffering from insomnia, autism, anxiety, depression or similar problems. The distributed weight across the blanket hugs children and creates gentle massage effect all over the body while kids are resting. It improves their sleep quality and boosts their energy level for the morning.

BB Holistics Weighted Health Blanket can be used either as blanket or underlay pad.

BB Holistics Health Blankets are especially recommended in conditions of autism, anxiety and ADHD/ ADD. Clinical trials have shown significant improvement in well-being of these kids after sleeping with weighted blankets. The same blankets can help children to calm down and relax during the daytime. They provide calming and relaxing effect, improve sleep quality and increase serotonin secretion.

BB Holistics Weighted Blankets for Children have both benefits of weight and far infrared ray (FIR).The weight is created in the way that kids can move easily under the blanket. At the same time they enjoy being hugged by BB Holistics Weighted Blanket and receive all the benefits of weighted blankets.

Health fabric of our BB Holistics blankets are manufactured by using advanced nano-technology to incorporating bamboo charcoal as a natural source of FIR energy. The weight in the blankets, created by natural FIR emitting bioceramics, is extra source of FIR energy. FIR energy acts at the cellular level to boost cellular detoxification, enhances blood circulation and adjusts the overall body metabolism.

BB Holistics Weighted Blankets are made by specialized health fabric made with bamboo charcoal nanoparticles which emit healthy far infrared (FIR) energy. The weight in small compartments of blankets is generated by bioceramic pellets with high-grade natural FIR emission for further health benefits.


Dimensions: 42” X 52“

Weight : 8.04 lbs / 3.65 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maria Costa
100% Recommended !

100% recommendation on these Weighted Blankets!
I have tremendous relief of my fibromyalgia!!!
my Grandson loves his helps with sleep and mood!
Thank you Melissa!!
We have ordered 5 since December 31!!!

Manaesha Louis
Amazing product!

I bought one of these for the first time after hearing about all the great sleeping benefits and I've seen tremendous differences in my sleep patterns. I've suffered from insomnia most my life and this has been the only natural way to cure it. I recommend this 100% !!

Its that blanket he won't sleep without most night.

The best review came from the user, my nephew who received this as a gift from myself and other uncles, aunts.

On a cold December morning after having for only about a week & sitting having breakfast about to head off to school being asked why he had his blanket on, "are you cold" his response was,
"Not cold"
he looked down to his blanket around him and said
"I Can't sleep without you, Cant eat, cant do a thing without you. it feels like everything changes without you"

It works for him all around, and that works for everyone. Thanks to everyone at Body Benefit Blankets for helping everyone sleep better.

PS:I have to say he had me try it on and "tucked" me into the living room couch. I think I need a XL BB weighted FIR blanket on my Christmas wish list now.

Sidney Chazan
No more sleepwalking at home.

I had a pleasure to meet Tina, who introduced me to Body Benefit Blankets. During our conversation, I told her that my younger daughter (7 yrs old) was a sleepwalker. It seems creepy, but almost every night, I was waking up with my daughter standing by the side of my bad, looking at me...then when I asked her if everything was alright, she walked herself to her bed. So, Tina said that she wasn't sure but the weighted blanket could my daughter. Therefore, I here to let Tina know that Body Benefit Blankets work for sleepwalking. Ever since my daughter started using, she never woke up during the nights anymore. Thanks, BB Blankets and Thanks, Tina.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Sidney. I am very happy to hear that your daughter, therefore yourself are having solid sleep without getting up during the night. - Dr. Tina Ureten

F. Neglovich
My son has ADHD. This blanket lets him have longer restful sleep!

My son has ADHD. I bought a BB Weighted Blanket for him. It has helped keep him calm. I also noticed that he sleeps longer hours. I've also borrowed the BB Weighted Blanket a couple of times and noticed less pain from my arthritis. I have also ordered their Weighted Health Pad with FIR and I'm now using it day and night to relieve the pain. When I use the Weighted Health Pad after warming the pad on the microwave, I get better results.