Why Choose BB Holistics Weighted Blankets?

Why choose BB Holistics Weighted Blankets?

Far Infrared Rays (FIR): BB Holistics weighted blankets are not filled with plastic pellets or glass pieces like others. Our blankets have FIR-emitting natural minerals in the natural ceramic forms. FIR stimulates blood circulation, cleans the toxins and increase serotonin and melatonin hormones in the brain. These hormones are crucial for having a good night sleep and maintaining mental health.

Shielding from Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs): Our blankets can block the EMF waves coming from wireless devices, routers, 5G towers and any electrical devices in your home. There is a strong link between sleep problems and EMF exposure, because EMF signals break down melatonin and serotonin hormones and disrupt circadian rhythm of the body. Sleeping with SleepGift blankets can give you a break from constant EMF exposure.

Massage and Hugging Effect: The weight of  SleepGift weighted blanket will work the same way as massage therapy. It stimulates the nerve endings on your body which leads to serotonin release in the brain. Also, keeping the blanket around your body creates a hugging and relaxing effect which is very important for sustaining mental wellbeing.

Aromatherapeutic Sleep: Our Weighted Blankets give you benefits of aromatherapy to enhance your sleep quality. We offer organic lavender seeds with our blankets. Lavender’s pleasant scent is well-known for its good effect on sleep and relaxation. There is a special aromatherapy compartment on our blankets for seeds or essential oil sheets, based on your choice.

Patent Pending Technology and Design: We are the first in the world offering combination of good natural features in one blanket. Our many years of effort brought you unique products which are backed up by science. It is only our blankets which can deliver what the customer needs for good quality sleep and improved well-being.

Safe and Convenient: SleepGift blankets are developed by a Canadian doctor with consideration of helping anyone suffering from sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression and EMF Hypersensitivity Syndrome. They are safe for any age group, including school age children, teenagers, seniors and physically disable patients. They don’t cause any side effects or dependence like pharmaceuticals.

Multi Functionality: The good health effect of FIR energy and EMF shielding from our blankets can boost our energy level during the night or day. Using the blankets as a pad or daytime blanket while watching TV or reading a book can decrease pain, improve healing and boost your overall well-being.

Developed by a MD in Canada: Our blankets are developed by a medical doctor who combined natural healing properties in the same product. Dr. Tina Ureten gained her vast medical experience from different institutions in Turkey, Switzerland, USA and Canada. In addition, she has authored 25 research publications in various medical journals. Dr. Ureten searched for non-toxic and non-chemical solutions for the world’s fast growing insomnia, sleep deprivation problems and that is how SleepGift Blankets were created.

Investment in your health with an affordable price: BB Holistics weighted  blankets can be an investment on one’s long term health and wellness. Having a 7-8 hours of good quality sleep prevents chronic health problems, decreases pain, improves academic and physical performance and even prevents serious accidents. Our blankets are priced competitively and provide invaluable benefits for your health at any age.

Money Back Guarantee: We offer money-back guarantee and accept our blankets back for refunds after 30 days usage if the buyers are not satisfied with them.
Some restrictions may apply upon the condition of returned products.