TINA I. URETEN, MD, PhD, RDMS, RDCS : Tina gained her vast medical and research experience working in different countries, Turkey, Switzerland, USA and Canada. She published 25 articles in various medical journals. As a young doctor she worked with UNICEF to improve the living conditions for young children and their families in under serviced communities. She realized how social and economic inequality have devastating impact on innocent children's health and their access to education. Her concern keep getting bigger in the last few decades with constantly rising inequality, growing refugee crisis, wars, social unrest, shrinking middle classes and natural disasters from climate crisis. Being a witness to instability brought up her entrepreneur spirit and desire to innovate. She started BB Holistics with applying her experience and  knowledge and decided to dedicate the portion of the company's profit for bringing opportunities to underpreviliged societies to improve their health and living conditions. She thinks if the company grows over the time, the wealth shared with these societies will grow as well. To be socially responsible and environmentally conscious would be permanent culture for BB Holistics. 

After her traditional medical education and practice, Tina shifted her interest to holistic / alternative / integrative medicine which lead to invention of a weighted blanket with far infrared energy and eventually BB Holistics. As she witnessed growing rate of sleep problems and had the same problem herself,  Dr Ureten has started her research to offer a safe and effective way to improve sleep and prevent its long term health effects. She aimed to provide  good restful sleep without any risk or harm especially to young children and teenagers. She hopes the new generation, including her own children would get enough sleep to prevent the harsh consequences of chronic insomnia. "Sleep is one of the most crucial thing for our well-being. If you are sleep deprived from young age, the damage is lifetime. Insomnia negatively effects every single cell in our bodies." she says.

"I bring one of the oldest known healer to our daily lifes with my blankets; the  good energy from sunlight, the marvellous far infrared energy. This same kind of energy exist in many natural substance on the earth. The same energy is carried in a mothers hand touching to her sick children. It is shown more effective than chemical treatments. Far infrared ray has tremendous health benefits which was missed by modern medicine for a long time. Also due to deprived sun exposure with modern life styles, we need FIR energy more than ever. Thanks to new developments in nano technology, we can have the healing effect of sunlight with using garments, bioceramic beads, saunas and personal or hospital size devices. Western societies are learning and adapting these products while the scientific research and trials about FIR proves its magical healing effect on our health and wellbeing. That was known by oriental healers for many centuries" she adds. 

Dr Ureten believes that our physical, mental, social and environmental conditions should be in balance to achieve optimal health and wellness. Many diseases occur when we have imbalances in our lives. She offers her far infrared weighted blankets and pads as nature's marvels for maintaining the health even before getting sick.  She says contributing to the well-being of others has very therapeutic effect on her own mind and spirit.