What Are Body Benefit Blankets?

The modern lifestyle is keeping us indoors for more than 80% of the time.

That makes us missing natural good things which are necessary our health. Far infrared rays (FIR) is one of them. FIR is good part of sunlight and it makes us healthier and happier, boosts our physical and mental energy.



There are many natural minerals in the earth, they carry FIR energy which has very good health benefits on humans and animals.

Using advanced technology, Body Benefit (BB) weighted blankets are developed to bring FIR’s natural healing power during your sleep.

BB Blankets are made with special fabric which has natural FIR emitting minerals in the yarn. This kind of fabric called as health fabric.

BB Weighted Blankets are also filled with FIR emitting bio-ceramic beads. These beads create the weight of our blankets and also they enhance the FIR energy in the blankets.

With the good effect both from FIR and Weight, BB Blankets bring many health benefits during your sleep. They improve sleep quality, boost mood, release tension and clean toxins with better blood circulation.

We are constantly exposed to harmful electro-magnetic radiation from radiation signals surrounding us.

BB Blankets also improve health and wellness by diminishing the exposure of electromagnetic field.

BB Blankets are the ONLY weighted blankets developed by a Medical Doctor and made using

  • Patented Technology
  • FIR emitting Health Fabric
  • FIR emitting Bioceramic Beads
  • Additional Aromatherapy option