BB Holistic Blankets are medical grade blankets which improve your sleep and helps for balancing mental and physical well-being. Our blankets have natural minerals which carry remarkable healing energy of far infrared rays. This energy of FIR is naturally found in any living organism, and it is necessary to maintain the health. The minerals in our blankets emit the energy which resonates with the body’s own far infrared energy. FIR comes from the nature and shows health boosting effects on our cells, organs and systems. It enhances natural healing by increasing blood circulation and boosting immune system. When natural FIR energy gets depleted in our bodies, our health and well being is compromised. FIR from external sources enhances body's natural FIR energy level and helps body to maintain its natural balance.

BBH's Medical Grade Blankets bring balanced natural state to the body by its 4 important features;  Far Infrared Ray, Weighted Material, Blockage of  Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Aromatherapy. 

These features set BBH Blankets apart from all other weighted or therapeutic blankets. BBH Weighted Blankets naturally stimulate body’s own healing power by enhancing natural far infrared rays during the long sleep hours.

FIR energy is found in abundant level in the sunlight and it carries the healing part of the sunlight apart from ultraviolet. It doesn't have burning effect on th skin. Also there are many FIR-rich minerals in the nature. Science has shown that FIR is vital energy source carried by all living creatures. FIR from our minerals are specifically chosen to harmonize with body's natural energy frequency. Its resonant effect   leads to increased blood circulation, boosted immune system, cleaned toxins and inflammation and shortened recovery time. FIR is also well known for its healing, thriving and pain relief effect. FIR stimulates functions in the cells and helps for hormonal balance. It mobilizes and burns fat therefore helps for weight management and weight loss.

BB Weighted Holistic blankets provide hugging, touching and cocooning effect and helps for sensory stimulation and relaxation. The weight of the blankets is created by using bioceramic beads which carry various FIR emitting minerals. The  weight itself create an effect similar to massage therapy. The nerves get stimulated by the weight and they send signals to brain for serotonin and melatonin release. Both of these hormones promote restful, good quality, deep sleep and therefore improve your health and wellbeing.

BBH weighted blankets also block environmental electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation to give a break to the body during the sleep. With constantly increasing usage of electronic devices and changing life styles, we are getting higher level of exposure to EMG radiation. As a known result of that exposure, sleep problems are reaching epidemic levels in all over the world.

The long term health effect from wi-fi and 5G signal’s is still a puzzle for the scientists. There was no test done for that effect but it is well known that children and teenagers are more vulnerable to electromagnetic harm. BBH Blankets can diminish the exposure during long sleep hours. Children and baby size BBH  Blankets can protect the kids and young adults from EMF signals, including wifi and 5G during their sleep.  

 BBH Weighted Blankets have additional aromatherapy feature which also boost blanket’s relaxing and calming effect to improve your sleep and mood.  Adult size BBH weighted blankets come with a bag of lavender seeds which can be placed to aromatherapy pocket on the blanket. Lavender seeds have calming effect which helps users to go into sleep faster with relaxed mood. 

BB Holistic's patent pending Weighted Blankets bring you better sleep and balanced health. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety, autism, ADD, ADHD, fibromyalgia and PTSD can find significant relief by sleeping with BBH Weighted Blankets.

Weighted blanket users show lowered anxiety level and more relaxed feelings. Addition to deep pressure stimulation, FIR and aromatherapy effect make our blankets the best one in the market.They are very effective for anxiety, depression, stress as well as relieving pain and stiffness. 
BB Holistics Blanket's special fabric shields body from electromagnetic radiation.

Our blankets can also be used as mattress pads to benefit from FIR energy if the weight is not tolerable for the users.