How do BB Holistic Weighted Blankets work?

When you sleep under a weighted blanket, it acts like a massager and creates deep touch pressure effect on your body. Sleeping with weighted blanket makes you feel like you are hugged and cocooned. As a response to these effects, brain releases serotonin hormone. Serotonin is known as a “happiness hormone” and turns to melatonin, the sleep hormone. Therefore, you get longer and better quality sleep with weighted blankets

BB Holistic Blankets are filled with small beads which are made with natural minerals and clay. These bio-ceramic beads create the weight for our blankets. At the same time the natural minerals inside the beads emit far infrared ray - FIR - energy. That organic energy (abundant in the nature and sunlight) has very good effect on human body. FIR also stimulates serotonin/melatonin release. 

Our patent pending blankets also block electromagnetic radiation fields (EMFs)  and give your body a break from the EMF signals. Those signals destroy melatonin hormone and disrupt sleep. 

Clinical trials have proven that weighted blankets (even without FIR and EMF blocking effect), can help for insomnia or sleep deprivation and many health conditions. Studies reported that weighted blankets ease anxiety, depression, fatigue and improve memory. They are also suitable choice for autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADD and ADHD) in children. The health benefits of regular weighted blankets are significantly increased with infused FIR and EMF blocking effect in our BB Weighted Blankets. We guarantee improved sleep duration and sleep quality with our blankets. 


What are the Positive Effects of the BB Holistics Weighted Blankets? 

BB Holistics Weighted Blankets bring you not only the benefits of weight but also other various health advantages by FIR and EMF shielding effect. The good FIR energy emitted from the blankets enhances tissue viability and blood circulation with penetrating through the skin. The long hours of FIR effect during the sleep brings better cleaning and healing effect to the tissues. The weight and FIR energy both increase serotonin and melatonin production. These hormones regulate sleep and emotional balance of our bodies. EMF signals break down these hormones, shielding effect keeps their level steady. 

BB Holistics Weighted Blankets have also aromatherapy pouches to ease sleeping and relaxation. They come with lavender bags to further  improve the quality of sleep and bring more relaxing effect to the users.

How can BB Holistics Blankets help for Insomnia?

The studies show people sleeping with ordinary weighted blankets fell asleep faster and woke up less during the night. BB Holistics Weighted Blankets are infused with good FIR energy. FIR improves body’s metabolism and blood circulation. FIR emitting minerals also release negative anions to the environment, these ions are essential for good health and are called “Air Vitamins” which help for faster and deeper sleep. Improved energy level and improved relaxation are seen with using our blankets. The weight stimulates serotonin release from the brain which turns to melatonin, the sleep hormone. The improvement of the sleep quality is seen after 2-3 weeks of usage of the blankets. Also blocking EMF radiation helps body to sustain its melatonin level. EMF is processed by the brain similar to light signals and melatonin release is stopped as it happens normally in daytime. Blocking these signals give the body healthy circadian rhythm. 


What other conditions can the BB Holistics Weighted Blankets be helpful for?

Patients with anxiety, depression or burned out show lower serotonin level. Our blankets provide healthy level of this crucial hormone. Actually when the sleep problem is fixed these patients symptoms improve a lot. Their mood positively changes. FIR improves blood circulation therefore heals the wound faster, cleans toxins better and boosts immune system for better defence. BB Holistics Weighted Blankets carry all these benefits by their natural minerals into your bedroom. In addition, with better sleep you get tremendous health benefits from less pain and inflammation to decreased risk for diabetes and hypertension or any chronic disease. When you have regular 7 hours of sleep you have preventive measure for your future health and aging. 


How does the EMF Shielding Effect of BB Holistics Blankets help me?

One of the most important effect of chronic EMF exposure is the break down of melatonin and serotonin hormones. With that effect our sleep gets disturbed because melatonin regulates our sleep cycles. With the shielding effect from BB Holistic Blankets normal melatonin level is maintained in the body and you get restful sleep. The effect of regular sleep on your body is tremendous. It is considered as the insurance for your future health and wellness.  

What is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome ( EHS) and How Can BB Holistics Blankets Help? 

EHS is the condition seen more frequently with increased EMF signals around us. The body shows strong reaction for these signals due to constant exposure from wireless devices, smart meters, cell towers, 5G towers, microwaves etc. Some of the symptoms are migraine, fatigue, forgetfulness, sleep problems, tinnitus, depression. When you decrease your exposure level of EMF in your environment, the condition improves. Our weighted and non-weighted EMF shielding blankets also help for EHS sufferers.   

I have Fibromyalgia, can I get any benefit from BB Holistics Weighted Blankets?

Fibromyalgia patients can get many benefits from our BB Holistics Weighted Blankets.. Our products help you to have a good night sleep better which raises your pain threshold, improves your healing process. Also if your pain is due to inflammation or built up of toxins, FIR energy from the blankets help body to clean them up. You can learn the benefits of BB Holistic Blankets by reading our blog.


Can BB Holistics Baby Blankets Protect My Baby From 5G Signals?

We are under constant exposure to EMF these days. There is no way to stay away from that exposure as more and more cell towers, modems, routers and computers are built up around us. The studies show that EMF has more damaging effect at the early stage of life. Babies and fetus are the most vulnerable to EMF radiation. One of the EMF effects on the brain is disturbing melatonin hormone. There is also link between EMF exposure and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The long term effects of 5G is more alarming as the link between cancer and EMF exposure was shown on animal studies. Our blankets block all kind of  EMF signals up to 99% and protect your baby from unnecessary exposure. You can also use our baby hats to protect your baby's brain at the critical early development stage.

Our BB Holistics EMF Shielding Baby Blankets are also good for the mothers during their pregnancy. They can use these blankets to cover their belly to protect their offsprings from EMF effect while they are still inside their body in organ development stage. 


How long can I use Baby EMF Blocking Blanket?

Our Baby Blankets can protect your baby from EMF radiation for many years, they are big enough to cover your baby from birth to preschool ages. They can be used in cribs, on strollers or on car seats. They will eliminate unnecessary exposure of EMF and prevent their long term hazardous health effects while their bodies are growing.   

What are the long term effects of 5G signal on the body?

5G is the new kind of signals used in telecommunication industry. There are many experts alarmed by the health effects of 5G on humans. Many animal studies show hazardous health effect of 5G signals on almost all of of the organs leading to chronic diseases and cancer. Fertility problems are common even with short term exposure to 5G. Since the technology is very new, there is not enough data about the final outcome of chronic exposure of human body. But we can definitely say constant exposure would harm our natural balance especially in our brains. Serotonin molecules get damaged by 5G and EMF signals, which leads to mental health and sleep problems. 


What other Benefits do BB Holistics Shielding Blankets have?

Our EMF Shielding Blankets block the electromagnetic fields (EMF) therefore your body gets a break from these harmful signals. The EMF signals are produced by many devices around us these days, from any electrical device to smart phones, smart TVs and smart homes, each of these devices emits electrical and magnetic radiation. Some people show multi-organ reactions to these signals and develop "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome". Our patent-pending Blankets  can decrease your body's exposure to these signals up to99.9% and protect you from possible harmful effect from EMFs and 5G signals at least during your long sleep hours. 


Can BB Holistics Weighted Blankets  Help For My Dog's Anxiety and Restlessness?

The FIR energy in our weighted blankets and pads have calming and relaxing effect by stimulating the serotonin and melatonin  production. Pets and especially dogs are increasingly showing anxiety and restlessness these days. Like human beings, they can have sleep deprivation problems as well, due to EMF exposure. . EMF exposure, sleep problems and anxiety are all related with each other.  Decreasing their EMF exposure level and providing good sleep can fix the anxiety problem.You should keep their sleeping spot away from any wireless device. Our far infrared infused blankets help dogs sleep better and calm down their anxieties and improve their mental health. 


What Is The Relationship Between Body Weight and Sleep?

Our brains regulate many body functions during the sleep. If you sleep less, the balance between hunger and fullness hormones can not be maintained. Body produces more hunger hormone which leads to craving for food, overeating, increased blood sugar. Sleep deprivation also brings resistance to insulin. Sugar can not be used by cells as energy source. Tiredness make body to store the sugar molecules in fat tissue. More cortisol is also produced by less sleep. Cortisol increases appetite and prevents to burn fat molecules.

Far Infrared rays are well known with their weight management effect. When FIR is interacting with your body during the sleep, it cleans the toxins and increases the metabolism in the cellular level. That leads to less craving for food and especially for sugar. If you add far infrared energy to your weight management program, you will get more effective results. It can be FIR from saunas, natural sources or from our blankets during your sleep hours. 


I Can't Bear The Weight! Is There Another Way of Using Weighted Blankets?

We hear that quite often because there are weighted blankets up to 35 pounds. However our blankets are only 13 pounds and they give better result due to their FIR energy and EMF shielding effect. Still it might not feel comfortable sleeping under the weight when you try for the first time. We recommend you to insist sleeping under BB Holistics Weighted Blankets for around 7-10 consequtive days. Then your body would get used to it and you might get hooked with it with improved sleep. If you still feel you can't comfortably bear the weight, then you should use it as a pad on your mattress or your couch. You still get the benefit of FIR, EMF shielding and aromatherapy. You may use weighted, EMF Blocking blankets while you are watching TV or sitting in front of the computer. You will get the advantage of FIR as long as the blanket is in contact with your body. Also you may consider getting our non-weighted EMF Blocking blankets for your sleep to get the benefit of EMF shielding from these light blankets. 


Are the BB Holistics Blankets washable? Is there specific care for my blanket? 

Yes, all our blankets can be washed on the machine as long as you machine can handle the weight. We recommend using gentle cycle with cold water and without harsh detergent or bleach. Of course hand washing is also possible, actually it extends your blanket's life time. Gentle washing does't effect the FIR level and EMF Blockage effect on the blanket up to 90 washing cycles. Then it slowly degrades. It is better to have air dry instead of tumble dry.  You should keep the bioceramic filled blankets under sunlight every 3-4 months for few hours. That would re-boost their far infrared ray level. 


What is the Return Policy for BB Holistics Weighted Blankets ?

We accept any defective product for full refund if reported to us immediately and returned within 10 days of the purchase. If you are not happy with your BB Holistics Blankets  after 30 days of usage for any reason, contact us and return it in clean (no stains, free of dirt, pet hair etc), non-damaged condition. We will start processing your refund after we receive the item back in our warehouse. We kindly ask you to cover the shipment cost for the returns. 

Some restrictions may apply for our guarantee upon the condition of returned products.