Best Weighted Blankets in Canada and USA

There are many companies offering weighted blankets to Canadian and American consumers. The average weighted blankets weight between 10 to 25 pounds in different size and designs. Sleeping under the weighted blanket gives the user the same feeling of getting hugged or gently squeezed. That feeling makes the user get relaxed and de-stressed. The weight from the blanket stimulates Deep Pressure Points, these are the spots on the body with sensitive nerve endings. When they get stimulated they carry signals to the brain to release serotonin hormone. Serotonin turns into melatonin – the sleep hormone.

SleepGift weighted blankets bring you not only these effects, they also bring the amazing health benefits from marvelous far infrared energy. This energy is carried by the natural minerals inside the filling material of our blankets. Additionally SleepGift weighted blankets have aromatherapy options for better sleep and relaxation. You can also get less electromagnetic radiation exposure by sleeping under SleepGift weighted blankets.

There is no other blanket currently on the market which offers the same health benefits of BB Holistics Blankets. 

Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia

SleepGift Weighted Blankets are effective and safe choice for sleep deprivation and insomnia. Sleep problems and insomnia are effecting 20-35% of adults in North America. Long term sleep deprivation at young age can cause chronic and serious health issues. 

SleepGift Weighted Blanket | Best Weighted Blankets in Canada and USA 
Falling into sleep gets easier and lasts longer with SleepGift Weighted Blankets. Users feel more relaxed and energized in the morning due to far infrared ray energy from the blankets. FIR energy improves serotonin production by natural and effective way without any side effect. It also boosts immune system and blood circulation to ease swelling and discomfort from underlying conditions. The pain threshold increase with increased serotonin level and you get restful sleep. 


Mental Health Issues

Our SleepGift Weighted Blankets can help for depression, anxiety, autism and ADD. Many health care providers are now recommending our Holistics blankets to their patients as a safe and effective choice. Our weighted blankets can be used as sleep aids especially for children and teenagers without any risk. Once sleep problem is resolved, the mental health improves since they go hand in hand in many cases. 

ADHD parent and child consultation withe therapist

High rate of autism, ADD, ADHD are seen in paediatric age group in developed countries. These children feel calmer and relaxed under weighted blankets and they feel hugged and cocooned.  Especially kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorders can feel better when their touch sensation is stimulated by SleepGift Weighted Blankets. Stimulation of serotonin hormone with weighted blankets help for relaxing ADHD and ADD sufferers. They move less during their sleep under SleepGift weighted blankets.


What is the special filling material for SleepGift Weighted Blankets? 

Typical weighted blankets are filled with either plastic pellets or glass beads to create weight. Our SleepGift Weighted Blankets stands out by being the only weighted blanket filled with natural bioceramic beads in the market. SleepGift Weighted Blankets have many good features which are not available with other weighted blankets.

BB Weighted Blankets

The bioceramic beads are made with natural clay enhanced by FIR emitting minerals. They are quilted between two layers of cotton filings. The weight of SleepGift Weighted Blankets are distributed evenly throughout the blanket, so the movement of the user during the sleep doesn’t cause any weight shift.  There is also additional aromatherapy feature added to adult-size SleepGift Weighted Blankets to bring you the marvelous benefits of aromatherapy. 


Patented in Canada & Developed by a Medical Doctor

SleepGift Weighted Blankets are invented by a Canadian doctor and have pending patent application in Canada and USA. The fabric of these blankets carries special Silver particles blended in cotton fibre, which bring  powerful protection against EMF and RF radiation which have adverse effect on our sleep. SleepGift Weighted Blankets protect the body from EMF’s harmful effect during the long sleep hours and body gets some break from the destructive health effect of EM radiation.

BB Weighted Blankets bioceramic beads

The filler material, bioceramic beads are made with FIR emitting minerals. FIR energy is carried by any living creature and show many good effect on our health and wellness. FIR infused filler brings more health benefit from BB Holistics Weighted Blankets, the immune system gets stimulated and blood circulation is enhanced during the sleep hours.

Canadians using their cellphones and mobile devices


Because of EMF shielding effect,  SleepGift Weighted Blankets are especially recommended for sleep-deprived teenagers and young adults. They spend too much time with their cell phones, tablets and computers. Their sleep is compromised due to constant exposure to wireless signals, blue lights, and RF signals. They also get less physical activity and less sunlight exposure than previous generations, which can negatively affect their sleep and mental health.



SleepGift Weighted Blankets are the best choice for both children and adults to improve their sleep and therefore their mental health. With many additional benefits comparing with other weighted blankets, our weighted blankets stand out in the market. They are the best weighted blankets for the value of your money.