BB Weighted Pads with Far Infrared (FIR) Energy - High Quality Health Fabric. No Plastic

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BB Health Pads are made to bring well known health benefits of far infrared rays (FIR) to your body. BB pads are made by using special health fabric which emits far infrared ray from the minerals embedded in the fiber.

The filling material of the pads are bioceramic beads which also carry natural FIR emitting minerals. The benefits from FIR and weight can relieve muscle and joint pains simply by keeping the pads on the aching part of the body.

Placing the pads on the driver seat or on office chairs bring good energy to your body for long working hours. Our pads are safe for children and household pets.

They can also be used for preventing electro- magnetic fields (EMF) from electronic devices by keeping them between the body and cell phones/ laptops / tablets or any other electronics. 

FIR emitting minerals inside the bioceramic beads can stop EMF. The harm from EMF to your body will be diminished when you keep BB health pads between your body and the device.

The same  BB pads can show good benefit for your pets health. Using our unique  pads for dogs or cats will improve their sleep quality and provide relaxation and good energy for them.

For the medium or big size dogs our children size blankets can be used as their sleeping pads. You will notice the improvement on their sleep pattern and well-being.  As we all know, better sleep always means better health!

BB pads can be a perfect gift idea for family and friends who are health conscious and prefer harmless, natural products.


Dimensions:  15” X 25 “

Weight:  2.20 lbs

                  1.00 kg


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