BB Weighted Blankets Health Benefits for Soft Tissue Problems

Who can benefit from using the BB Weighted Blankets & Pads?

BB Weighted Blankets and Pads can be helpful for many conditions with their balanced, well-distributed weight, Far Infrared Rays (FIR) energy, EMF protection and electro-magnetic signal reduction and aromatherapy effects.

* Note:  Individuals suffering from certain conditions can benefit from BB Weighted Blankets and Pads as complementary to their medical treatment. Our products are not offered as replacement for the treatment you may receive from your health care provider.




inflammation - swollen and painful ankles


Inflammation is the reaction of the body for self defense against to injury or infection and it is part of the healing process. In some cases, body’s own defense starts an inflammatory response without any outside stimuli. These diseases are called autoimmune diseases and the immune system works against its own tissues. 

The typical signs of inflammation are: pain, swelling, heat, redness and loss of function. One of the main driver for inflammation is sleep deprivation and insomnia. Chronic inflammation leads to diabetes, heart and vascular disease, cognitive decline, chronic pain and even cancer. Sleep problems should be the priority to be resolved to lead a better health and wellness. BB weighted blankets can improve the quality of the sleep and can prevent the serious consequences of sleep deprivation. 

FIR is also known for its effectiveness to inflammation. scientific studies show that FIR increases the metabolism and the circulation. These effects from BB Weighted Blankets can clean the debris from inflamed tissues, which helps for faster healing and less pain. By increasing serotonin and decreasing cortisone levels, our BB Weighted Blankets can help to boost the immune system functions and  keep the inflammation under control.


skin problems - psoriasis


Far Infrared Rays have been proven with its beneficial effects on circulation and collagen metabolism of the skin. Sunlight is the richest FIR source and have good effect on our skins with its reach of FIR waveforms. However the same sunlight carries burning effect by its ultraviolet rays. The exposure to sunlight decreased with the modern lifestyle, we don’t get the full benefits of natural FIR from being in outdoors.

Using the BB Weighted Blankets for night time can give many benefits to the biggest organ of the body, the skin. BB Weighted Blankets carry natural FIR emitting minerals which can be very helpful for stimulating body’s own healing mechanism and cell regeneration for any skin problems.


circulation problems - spider veins


Studies with FIR applications demonstrated and proved that FIR improves skin blood flow on animals and human beings. That leads to the use of FIR in the treatment of circulation problems, ischemic lesions and necrosis of skin tissue because of trauma, diabetes or peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

In addition, studies indicated that FIR therapy can improve blood circulation at the capillary level and cleans the toxins and metabolic waste in pathologic conditions. Especially superficial vascular problems can benefit from FIR exposure as an alternative or adjunct therapeutic modality.

It is shown that FIR improves flow and the function of the arterial venous fistula in hemodialysis patients. BB Holistic's Weighted Blankets can be helpful as an additional modality to the traditional treatment of any circulation problems. The good effect of the FIR happens during sleep, without bringing any risk to the patients.