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Makes a Big Difference!

A must have for family’s laundry routine! I used to have the plastic dryer balls. But after trying these BB Holistics wool dryer balls, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using plastic dryer balls.

Sleeping Like a Baby...Again!

I originally purchased a couple of the children's blankets for my granddaughters for Christmas as I was concerned about the effect of all of their exposure to the electronic devices in our lives. That same concern prompted me to buy a blanket for myself to see how it might improve my sleep as well. As a young woman, I used to easily fall asleep and sleep deeply for 9 hours a night, but sadly that good solid sleep has eluded me in recent years. I was concerned about the weight as I generally do not like heavy covers in bed, but as one of the other reviews mentions, it really does feel like I am being hugged, all night long so I actually love the weight of it. My other complaint is that other blankets can easily make me overheat at night but this blanket is breathable. I loved sleeping under this blanket from the first night that I slept under it, and I slept more soundly than I have in years. I've been using it now for about a week and although I'm not quite back to my 9 hours yet,I sleep better every night. I feel like a kid in a candy store as I get ready for bed each night, eagerly looking forward to crawling under my blanket because I immediately feel calm and peaceful under it. Honestly, these purchases rank among some of my best buys for health, and I buy a lot of health products. I have ordered a couple more for some other family members and am also stoked to try them on some family pets that are rescue animals - I can't wait to see how they react.

Much gratitude

What Incredible technology and work went into this system, clearly. I've got a serious sleep disorder and I noticed remarkable changes after 2 nights. I will recommend this to many of my clients. Integrative Therapist

Telling everyone to get one !

I love my blanket it makes me fall asleep. So happy I have one. Telling everyone to get one

100% Recommended !

100% recommendation on these Weighted Blankets!
I have tremendous relief of my fibromyalgia!!!
my Grandson loves his helps with sleep and mood!
Thank you Melissa!!
We have ordered 5 since December 31!!!

I am so pleased !

Mine just came in 2 weeks ago and I have been sleeping so much more soundly than before. No waking up to go to the bathroom during the night or anything. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and I was concerned that this blanket might be too heavy for me and hurt but it doesn't at all. It really comforts you. I am so pleased that I splurged on it for myself!

Awesome find

I am so glad I came across the BB blankets. Bought one for my wife & she has had such a restful sleep since then. Her sleep was quite disturbed & it did take a couple of days for her to get used to the weight of the blanket but now she will not dream of sleeping without it (no pun intended)

Great sleep = happy and healthy life

I bought my heavy blanket about a month ago and am happy to report that I am now sleeping deeper and longer. My improved sleep has had positive effects on my health, energy and mindset. A modest investment for such enormous benefits. Highly recommended.

I love my blanket

I have been using the blanket for over a month and I am finding myself sleeping better and waking up before my alarm goes off. This was a great investment and I highly recommned it fo rany one with health or sleep challenges!

Best nights sleep in years

I was very skeptical at first, but my first night under a BB Blanket was fantastic. I usually wake up several times a night and wake up not feeling as rested as I would like. That’s all changed now. I look forward to getting the rest my body needs!

Amazing product!

I bought one of these for the first time after hearing about all the great sleeping benefits and I've seen tremendous differences in my sleep patterns. I've suffered from insomnia most my life and this has been the only natural way to cure it. I recommend this 100% !!

Amazing product!

I bought one of these for the first time after hearing about all the great sleeping benefits and I've seen tremendous differences in my sleep patterns. I've suffered from insomnia most my life and this has been the only natural way to cure it. I recommend this 100% !!

Perfect Blanket for the winter

Never had much other than a Duvet or fleece blankets prior to owning a BB weighted blanket. I have to say its had a major improvement on how I wake up each morning. The first feeling I got from the blanket was quality materials, and really, really soft. I wake up warm as if leaving a hot-tub as opposed to being suffocated under a pile of tangled blankets. Speaking of which I am told I simply move less when I sleep now. Overall I could go for some different colors in the future however for now I'm completely satisfied by the quality of sleep and feeling in my muscles when I wake up.

Its that blanket he won't sleep without most night.

The best review came from the user, my nephew who received this as a gift from myself and other uncles, aunts.

On a cold December morning after having for only about a week & sitting having breakfast about to head off to school being asked why he had his blanket on, "are you cold" his response was,
"Not cold"
he looked down to his blanket around him and said
"I Can't sleep without you, Cant eat, cant do a thing without you. it feels like everything changes without you"

It works for him all around, and that works for everyone. Thanks to everyone at Body Benefit Blankets for helping everyone sleep better.

PS:I have to say he had me try it on and "tucked" me into the living room couch. I think I need a XL BB weighted FIR blanket on my Christmas wish list now.

No more sleepwalking at home.

I had a pleasure to meet Tina, who introduced me to Body Benefit Blankets. During our conversation, I told her that my younger daughter (7 yrs old) was a sleepwalker. It seems creepy, but almost every night, I was waking up with my daughter standing by the side of my bad, looking at me...then when I asked her if everything was alright, she walked herself to her bed. So, Tina said that she wasn't sure but the weighted blanket could my daughter. Therefore, I here to let Tina know that Body Benefit Blankets work for sleepwalking. Ever since my daughter started using, she never woke up during the nights anymore. Thanks, BB Blankets and Thanks, Tina.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Sidney. I am very happy to hear that your daughter, therefore yourself are having solid sleep without getting up during the night. - Dr. Tina Ureten

My wife had to check while sleeping to see if I was dead!

Its kind of like a nice hug... You fall asleep... Feeling good... You wake up to be told by your wife, "YOU DIDN'T SNORE, I had to check to see if you were still breathing. You better love that blanket, as it is now MANDATORY!" Even after a few adult beverages when I usually snore even worse. Nothing! Wow. Awesome! LOVE IT. Its just a bonus you wake up feeling so well rested!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Dennis. We heard the same from our other users, our blankets stop their snoring problem.

It's worth a try !

I’ve been taking Advil for my muscle and joint pain due to fibromyalgia and arthritis problems. I was very cautious and looking for something to eliminate my dependence to Advil or at least decrease the dose. BB Blanket worked effectively after 1 week of trial period and I am not daily depended on Advil since I started sleeping with my blanket. My pain became manageable, I dropped from 3 times a day to 4-5 times a week. A wonderful side effect is I am sleeping much better and deeper, waking up with full energy.

100% Improved Sleep

For me 100% improved sleep! The weight took some getting used to but I find I crave it now! I noticed initially an increase in REM sleep and also vivid dreams, so that was interesting. When I can I will also use it to meditate, and I have found it assists with slowing down my mind faster than when I meditated without the blanket. I testified in three trials over the course of a week and it greatly assisted me in managing the physiological manifestation of anxiety (ie. tightness of arms and legs, constricted breathing, and butterflies in my stomach). I think the BB Weighted Blanket in conjunction with meditation is amazingly impactful!

Awesome product, really helps

My friend gave this blanket to me as a gift, to help me through a difficult time in my life. I was suffering from insomnia, muscle pains and grieving the recent loss of a loved one. This blanket was a true godsend. It helped me to feel very comforted at night during this difficult time period (it literally feels like someone is hugging you) and actually get a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep. I hadn’t heard of the blanket before and am so grateful I discovered it. My body aches have greatly improved and I’m now getting a full night’s rest. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering general body aches and pains, grieving or just in need of comfort also. The lavender scent is just so calming too. It makes me feel more balanced.

The other thing is that it helped regulate my body temperature fluctuations at night, due to hormonal changes. It really helps to subdue the hot flashes, helping me get a better night’s sleep because I don’t wake up frequently anymore to add/remove blankets as it helps even out the sleeping temperature.

Really lovely, wonderful product. Since it helped me SO much, I plan on buying more as gifts for people I know that could really benefit from this blanket as well.

Far Infrared Benefits made the Difference!

I was thinking to get a weighted blanket for a long time and was waiting for a good deal. When I saw BB Blankets website, I noticed it was not an ordinary weighted blanket. These blanket is not made of plastic pellets. It has a Far Infrared benefit. I did some research about it and read more information in their website. I decided to order one and it was the best purchase I've made. This blanket has just the right amount of weight, foldable and flexible. It is also not difficult to carry around.

My Husband says he doesn't hear me snore anymore!

I bought this BB Weighted Blanket for my university student daughter as a gift. She carries her heavy blanket everywhere, from room to room in our house. Or to her peers place when she goes there for studying. I also tried blanket few times and had an amazing night's sleep. My husband says whenever I sleep under this weighted blanket I don’t snore. So I am getting a second one for myself. The fabric must be breathable. It doesn’t make me feel hot or cold. Highly recommended!

Comfortable and Calming!

Comfortable and calming are the words I would describe our experience with our BB Weighted Blanket. I bought it for my husband, but everyone in the family had tried it. We all found it very relaxing to use. My daughter uses her dad's heavy blanket while studying on her bed! My son wraps it around him. I have an idea what to buy for birthdays this year...Many heavy blankets !

Great product for my dog

I bought this product for my shih-tzu's anxiety problem. She was constantly barking when left alone. I saw a picture of a dog similar to mine on BB Blanket web site and gave a try. She is quite calmed since she was sleeping on this BB Pad. I am glad I found the right product for her. She is only sleeping on this pad and doesn't go through anxiety stages when she is alone.

Best Insomnia Relief I've ever tried!

I suffered from insomnia and had trouble staying asleep (waking up in the middle of night) after moving to a louder downtown neighbourhood. I tried everything from white noise to Melatonin, but nothing seemed to be help give me a deep restful sleep! After using the blanket I feel more well rested, I'm tossing and turning much less, and waking up in the middle of the night is no longer an issue. The blanket is quite breathable and doesn't retain more heat than before, even when used over my existing blanket. The blanket uses a very high quality and strong fabric need to keep a heavy blanket durable for a long time. The aromatherapy packet even seems to last a very long time, it has been over 6 months and I still can smell it (shaking it around helps reactivate it too)! Very satisfied with my purchase!

Better Sense of Being Well-Rested

I notice that I relax much more quickly and comfortably when using the BB Weighted Blanket. I do not move around and change positions as much throughout the night trying to get comfortable. I feel like it gives me a better sense of being well-rested, and I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who feels like they have trouble getting comfortable at night or who feel like they do not get a good night's sleep!