BB Holistics believes in balancing physical and emotional wellness to achieve an overall healthy life and lifestyle. One of the effective ways to begin the wellness journey is by sleeping better.

We are here to help the world sleep and feel better by delivering innovative, effective, holistic sleeping solutions.

Meet Our Founders

Tina Ureten

Tina is a physician and started her career working with UNICEF to improve the health of those in under-serviced areas. She then worked at a university hospital, became involved with several research projects, and eventually received her Ph.D. degree. When Tina came to Canada, she shifted her focus from the medical field to the health business field as she recognized the gaps in the market’s needs. She founded the first and most established pregnancy ultrasound franchise organization that has been steadily growing for 18 years. As a mom raising two teenage daughters, she also recognized the increasing sleep problems during her daughters’ adolescent years. This inspired her to research, design and develop a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending weighted blankets in Canada with innovative features to improve sleep quality and health.

Donna Costa

Donna is a digital marketing, business development and e-commerce professional. Before coming to Canada, she had extensive travel and work experience in marketing and business development field in the international markets. She has been working with Tina for more than ten years in another Canadian franchise business. This other company has become the biggest and most established name in pregnancy ultrasound services in all major cities in Canada. She completed her university degree and MBA from the top universities in Manila, Philippines. She has a Digital Marketing and Communications certificate from McGill University. She recently finished her studies in Supply Chain and Quality Management to support better the changing and increasing needs of the business operations.

What Body Balancing Holistics Means

Our holistic philosophy is that everything in the world is connected, and therefore, should be in balance with one another.

We achieve internal balance when our body, mind, and spirit are in harmony. Then the external balance starts with respecting, understanding, and being at peace with every being in nature.

We’re passionate about improving our customer’s lives and their health through protecting, preventing, and healing. The products we offer are in line with our holistic approach of do-not harm first. We are dedicated to building our business with the same holistic philosophy, environmentally friendly practices, and ethical approach we use to create our products.

We continuously search and research for more environmentally-friendly products and solutions with minimum or no impact on our planet.


BB Holistics strives to be socially responsible by positively impacting everyone through the things we do and the healthy lifestyle we believe in.

We live up to this mission through the products we design, manufacture, and distribute. We ensure they are safe for use and are produced using sustainable practices.

We do our best to be channels of bringing awareness to the health benefits of better sleep.

We also want to bring attention to the potential health impact of over-exposure to EMF from electronic devices. We hope to reach as many families as possible and make them aware of the potential risks associated with a child’s EMF exposure during early development stages.

We support sustainable business practices that prioritize the best interest of our planet while offering our employees and customers safer, healthier, and natural solutions.


We believe corporate engagement is ethically important to improving social, economic and environmental problems. We are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on society and the environment; therefore, our company is committed to sustainable practices at all levels of the operation by minimizing its environmental impact. We also only work with manufacturers who conduct fair labour practices. Further more, we donate part of our profit to organizations that aim to improve the living conditions of underprivileged societies as well as providing healthcare and education or their children.