With quite a few choices on the weighted blankets market these days, you may be wondering how to decide which one to choose. It is important to do your research before you invest your money.

BB Blankets are not a regular weighted blankets. Our blankets are designed as therapeutic grade blankets to balance the body's own functions. The health benefits from far Infrared rays are amazing and that is not offered with any other blanket in the market. It stimulates body's own repair system without any side effect or risk. 

Below are the top reasons why BB blankets and pads are the best choice in the entire weighted blanket industry. 

1) Patented Technology

The uniqueness of our blankets  comes from the use of remarkable Far Infra Red (FIR) energy. Our blankets are made with special FIR emitting health (responsive) fabrics. These special fabrics are developed in the recent years by using advanced nanotechnology to attach FIR minerals to the yarn of the fabric. We also use bio-ceramic beads which consist of natural FIR emitting minerals for creating the weight of the blanket. FIR energy stimulates blood circulation and regulates metabolism and  sleep hormones. The weight from bio-ceramic beads provides Deep Pressure Stimulation ( DPS ) and gives massage effect to the body. Furthermore the energy in the minerals are able to block the electromagnetic radiation. The combination of these special material and FIR and EM blocking effects makes our blankets unique and our technology patented.

Additionally, we add aromatherapy feature to our blankets, in the form of the relaxing natural lavender seeds which is well-known for its good effect on sleep and relaxation. 

2) Developed by a Medical Doctor

Our products are developed by a team of Canadian health researchers led by a medical doctor. The development of our products are inspired by applying nature’s own remarkable healing properties.

The Founder Tina Ureten, MD, has gained tremendous medical experience from different institutions in Turkey, Switzerland, USA and Canada.  When insomnia hit her after a stressful event in 2012, she started her research to find a non-toxic, non-addictive product to improve not only her sleep also young generation which is quite sleep deprived. After testing her self-made sample weighted blanket Dr Ureten extended her research with the children and insomnia sufferers in her circle.  Then she made tremendous improvement on the development of BB weighted blankets. Using the latest development on textile industry and bioceramics, she brings health benefits of FIR to our bedrooms. As world's fast growing health problem, insomnia effects as high as half of the population. Dr Ureten added children's size weighted blankets to our product line to improve the sleep deprivation especially in school age kids and teenagers. Her own children benefited from these one-of-a- kind blankets. The same blankets are helpful for the children who suffer from autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety and depression. The smaller size lap pads can also safely used for small size dogs and cats to improve their health and anxiety. 

3) Canadian-Based

Our blankets and pads are developed by a medical doctor in Canada with a consideration of global sleep and mental health problems. The FIR emission, regeneration, deep pressure stimulation effects and aromatherapy from the blankets can improve sleep for anyone without any size effect or harm. The special fabric is from Taiwan and sewing is made in Cambodia. The blankets are one of a kind Canadian invention and they can be shipped to anywhere in the world. 

4) Medical Grade Blanket for Variety of Users

BB blankets are developed with using data from medical science and research. These medical grade blankets are backed up by scientific evidence and can be used safely by adults, teenagers, children as well as household pets and other animals.

Our weighted blankets can be used as blankets during the night for better and deeper sleep. The same blankets or lap pads can be used for relaxation & wellness during the day because of its FIR energy. There is no known side effect from FIR, indeed its good effect is enhanced with longer exposure time. The FIR energy increases the serotonin level in the body and relieve mental health symptoms. The same serotonin hormone also changes the threshold for the pain.  The lap pads can be used for any painful part of the body. They can also be used to protect the body from the electromagnetic field created by cell phones, laptops tablets or any electronic devices. Children with attention deficit and autism problems can benefit from our blankets and pads. 

BB pads or blankets can be used for the animals. Dogs, cats and other animals can sleep on blankets to improve their health and wellness. 

5) Competitive Price

We have realized that weighted blankets can be a considerable investment in one’s well-being and health. We believe our blankets are priced competitively and provide a significant value and relief to the users.

Unlike the other products in the weighted blankets market, our products are very unique in combining the effects of weight, FIR energy and aromatherapy from natural sources. They are priced equally or lower than most of the other weighted blankets which are filled with plastic pellets or glass beads. Up to 25% of our profits are reserved for fighting against poverty, social injustice and climate crisis with giving priority for young children in different societies.  

6) Money-Back Guarantee*

We offer to our clients money-back guarantee and accept any defective product for full refund within 10 days of the purchase. If you are not happy with our products after 30 days of usage and return them in clean and non-damaged condition we will refund the payment.

*Some restrictions may apply upon the condition of returned products.


BB Weighted Blankets are developed after many years of search and learning. We bring you remarkable healing effect from natural sources. Our products are effective, harmless and affordable. The miraculous FIR energy from the blanket interacts with the cells and tissues in the body. It works with boosting body's own balance and repair mechanism.  Anyone who is suffering from daily stress, anxiety, pain, stiffness, sleeping and mental issues can benefit from BB Blankets and Pads during the day or night. 
We are being sleep deprived society due to constant link to electronic devices and exposure to blue light. Insomnia does not only interfere our mental and physical well being, but it also causes chronic diseases, loss of productivity, poor academic performance and even deadly accidents. The challenge of having healthy body and healthy planet is frustrating for all of us. The health hazards from constant exposure of wireless signals and especially from new 5G wireless technology is alarming. BB Blankets not only improve your sleep and health, but also diminish your exposure to these harmful signals.
BB Blankets are safe for adults, children and pets, because of;
  • being harmless and natural
  • improving the sleep quality and quantity
  • balancing mental, physical health & wellness 
  • relieving pain, stiffness and inflammation
  • protecting body from harmful wireless signals
  • being environmentally friendly
  • offering natural aromatherapy for relaxation
While bringing you these holistic products we also feel we all are part of the same whole. We need to take care of each other and our planet. Our company's founder set a goal to reserve part of corporate profit to help for solution of complex humanitarian problems. 


Ethically, we believe corporate engagement to growing social and environmental problems is very important. Our responsibility is to be good and to have a positive impact on the society and environment for a sustainable  planet. We try to eliminate plastic material from our packagings and use cotton bags to carry our products. We use recycled packaging material for our products. We also work with manufacturers which only grant fair labour practices. We return up to 25 % of our profit for improving the living conditions of underprivileged societies by focusing to improve their living conditions and help for their young children's health and education.



TINA I. URETEN, MD, PhD, RDMS, RDCS : Tina gained her vast medical and research experience working in different countries, Turkey, Switzerland, USA and Canada. She published 25 articles in various medical journals. As a young doctor she worked with UNICEF to improve the living conditions for young children and their families in under serviced areas of Turkey. She realized how social and economic inequality have devastating impact on innocent children's health and their access to education. Her concern keep getting bigger in the last few decades with constantly rising inequality, growing refugee crisis, wars, social unrest, shrinking middle classes and natural disasters from climate crisis. Being a witness to instability brought up her entrepreneur spirit and desire to innovate. She started BB Holistics with applying her experience and  knowledge and decided to dedicate the portion of the company's profit for bringing opportunities to underpreviliged societies to improve their health and living conditions. She thinks if the company grows over the time, the wealth shared with these societies will grow as well. To be socially responsible would be permanent culture for BB Holistics. 

After having 2 children she focused her interest to holistic / alternative / integrative medicine which lead to invention of BB Weighted Blankets and eventually BB Holistics. As a scientist with sleep problems and as an observer for the young generation's sleep related health issues, Dr Ureten has started her research to offer a safe and effective product. Her goal was to provide everyone good restful sleep without any risk or harm to the users especially children and teenagers. She hopes the new generation, including her own children would get enough sleep to prevent the harsh consequences of insomnia. "Sleep is one of the most crucial thing for our well-being. If you are sleep deprived from young age, the damage is lifetime. Insomnia negatively effects every single cell in our bodies."

"I  bring one of the oldest known healer to our daily lifes with my blankets; the  good energy from sunlight, the marvellous far infrared energy. This same kind of energy exist in many natural substance on the earth and it has tremendous health benefits. Due to deprived sunshine exposure with modern life styles, we need FIR energy more than ever. Thanks to new developments in nano technology, we can have the healing effect of sunlight with using garments, bioceramic beads, saunas and personal or hospital size devices. Western societies are learning and adapting these products while the scientific research and trials on FIR proves the magic effect of FIR on our health and wellbeing. That was known by oriental healers for many centuries" She says. 

Dr Ureten knows once the users have the good experience without any fear with FIR products, it will built strong relationship in between. This is the most important principle for her entrepreneurship and she strongly believes that with her customers support she can bring her company to next level, so she can use bigger sources to help others, especially children to improve their living conditions.