Video: How do SleepGift Weighted Blankets Work?

How do SleepGift Weighted Blankets work? 

When using SleepGift Weighted Blanket, you feel hugged and cocooned. This simple effect makes you feel calm and relaxed.

The weight from our bio-ceramic beads stimulates Deep Tissue Pressure Points - DTPP -  on the body. It gives you the same effect of massage therapy.



From this effect brain starts releasing happiness hormone of serotonin. One of serotonin’s end products is sleep hormone melatonin. These two hormones bring restful and deep sleep during the night. While you are in deep sleep, the FIR energy in the blanket penetrates up to 5 centimeters in your body and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, toxins and wastes are cleaned from the tissues and organs.

FIR’s positive effect is seen in the whole body. The cleaned blood under blanket reaches other organs with circulation. This effect of FIR improves health and wellness, diminishes pain, inflammation and stiffness of the tissues.

SleepGift weighted blankets can also be very helpful for depression and anxiety sufferers. These patients show decreased blood serotonin levels. By using SleepGift blankets, their mood gets improved and their mental health gets balanced. Our blankets can be used for certain children's problems such as autism, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Not only because of hugging and calming effect, but also FIR’s good relaxation effect, these children benefit from SleepGift blankets.

SleepGift blankets have silver particles embedded in the fabric. Silver protects the body from the electromagnetic radiation and brings extra health benefits. Our blankets provide the best quality sleep and relieve the pain, improve fatigue, circulation problems and memory issues.

Prevention is the best healthcare!

Our blankets also protect you from health hazards of electromagnetic radiation.

Take care of your health before you get sick!

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