Far Infrared Rays - FIR – are the longest rays within the infrared spectrum of light and in sync with our body's energy. Meaning, they can easily be absorbed deep within our skin and muscle tissue improving cellular activity and blood-flow.

Only Far Infrared Rays can penetrate into the body up to 1.5 to 2.8 inches (approx. 3.75 - 7 cm)and remove the stagnant blocks (dormant cells) and normalize the blood circulation.

The FIR energy activates the cells, increases blood vessel resilience, and promotes cellular functioning.

Because of the essential and profound effects FIR has on our health, FIR light is referred to as:

  • Life Light
  • Healing Power of Light
  • Gift from God
  • Miracle Light





  1. Far infrared Rays are a natural drug-free healing method for relieving pain, restoring energy and boosting the immune system
  2. There's a Long history of FIR emitting products being used to speed the natural healing process
  3. This alternative therapy can compliment current pain relief medicines
  4. Far Infrared fabric is safe, effective with diverse healing effects.
  5. Far InfraRed therapy could be a promising method for treating chronic pain.
  6. FIR promotes micro-circulation and improves individual cellular functioning
  7. This is a non-invasive method of treatment for those seeking to avoid surgery
  8. There are no known side effects unlike traditional pain relief medicines
  9. FIR Reduces tension and stress and improves lymphatic flow
  10. Far Infrared Therapy can boost your quality of life.


Sleep Crisis – Century’s Epidemic Problem

Insufficient Sleep is being an Epidemic Public Health problem in our century. More than 35% of American adults have less than 7 hours of daily sleep. It is commonly accepted that Insomnia is not a symptom of other health problems. The medical community accepts it as a distinct disorder now.

So, what are the effects of insufficient sleep on our bodies:

  • There is NO human function that isn’t affected by sleep loss.
  • Sleep loss linked to physical, emotional and intellectual impairments.
  • The link between insomnia and diabetes is strong. The cellular level insulin resistance is shown on insomniacs.
  • Sleep loss increases inflammation in the tissues
  • Inadequate sleep means increased pain sensitivity
  • Depression and suicide rate increases with less sleep
  • Memory failures and impaired judgement are common symptoms for insomnia patients.
  • Sleep loss and obesity link is proven by many researches. The hunger hormone – ghrelin - which stimulates the appetite, increases without sleep. It plays important role on body weight by promoting fat storage.
  • Children’s sleep problems are more serious consequences. From developmental delay to Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorders are part of the spectrum seen in kids with inadequate sleep.
  • Kids who averaged less than seven hours of sleep have more body fat, higher blood pressure and worse cholesterol levels.
  • Just 2.2% of adolescents meet or exceed the recommended amount of sleep for their age group.
  • Sleep deprived students show poor academic performance and their ability to solve problems is impaired.