Body Balancing Holistics: Rebranding with Brand New Logo and Website!

Exciting News! We’re rebranding with brand new logo and website!

Over the past few months we’ve been producing and providing health blankets to people all around the world and helping them overcome their sleeping problems along with other health issues with endless body benefits.

We have put in a lot of work and time creating an image that would accurately depict who we are at the core of our team. We have made it our purpose to grow with intention and innovation.

We’ve decided to rebrand with a new website, logo and colour scheme. We wanted to share with you the reasons behind the updates!


New Name

We’re thrilled to reveal our brand’s new refreshed identity with a new name and website. From Body Benefit Blankets [ ], we will now be called Body Balancing Holistics [ ] to best represent what we are as a company and what products we would offer to our customers.


New Logo

Our new logo represents the body benefits that come with all our holistic products, known for boosting energy levels and protecting from EMF harmful technology.

The colours we use define what our new brand stands for. Yellow represents freshness, happiness, clarity, positivity and energy. Blue stands for depth and stability, also considered beneficial to the mind and body. True health comes from within our bodies.

With a healthy habits and products that help protect us from the daily effects of our current environment, we would be on our way to living a more holistic lifestyle.


New Website

We are very excited about the new products scheduled to be launched in the upcoming weeks. The renewed website will always have the same easy-to-use functionality, matched with informative insights about innovative body beneficial products.

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