Wool Dryer Balls: The Natural Alternative to Dryer Sheets

Our environmental-friendly BB Holistics chemical-free New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls are an incredible all-natural way to soften your clothes, eliminate static and reduce energy usage by drying your clothes faster. These dryer balls may look basic, but they are the ultimate natural fabric softener.

Made out of 100% hand-made New Zealand Wool, you won’t have to worry about unwanted fragrances and chemicals potentially irritating your skin. Ideally used for clothes of babies and individuals with sensitive skin or allergies to substances.

These eco-friendly products are a great way to help save the planet and not to mention, save money! Ultimately, changing your laundry experience for the better.


How Do Eco Friendly Dryer Balls Work?

Wool dryer balls work by bouncing their way in between wet layers of clothing that would otherwise stick together. These wool dryer balls also absorb moisture, adding a second layer of drying to the mix. Separating the layers of clothes allows warm air to help reduce drying time up to 30 percent.

Additionally, wool balls help to soften fabrics in the dryer. The balls continually agitate the fibers in clothes and linens. So, after a shorter drying cycle, your clothes will also be soft to the touch.   

Our BB Holistics New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls are good up to 1000 dryer loads which equals approximately 5 years (at 4 loads per week). They work well in lower temperature settings.

Simply open up your dryer, put in your wet clothes, throw in 3-6 balls, depending on the load size and turn on your dryer. Sit back and let the magic happen.

You might want to keep an eye on your dryer the first couple times you include wool dryer balls. Due to the reduced drying time there’s a higher risk of over-drying your load, leading to faster wear-and-tear. Every drying machine is different, so if yours doesn’t automatically turn on when completely dry, you may want to check it early.

Benefits of Using Wool Dryer Balls

  • Cost-effective compared to dryer sheets
  • Naturally made, with non-toxic materials
  • Reusable about to 1,000 loads of laundry
  • Eliminate static electricity build-up in the dryer
  • Reduce energy used by drying clothes 30% faster
  • Can be used with a drop of essential oil to add all-natural fragrance
  • Hand made from 100% pure New Zealand Wool (natural, pesticide-free sheep wool)


Adding Essential Oils

A good alternative to those fresh-smelling dryer sheets is adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oils onto your dryer balls (lavender or lemon would do great).

Let them soak in and when drying your clothes that subtle, non-toxic fragrance will pass on to your apparel.


When to Replace Wool Dryer Balls?

Our wool dryer balls last up to 1,000 loads which could seem as long as forever depending on how often you do your laundry.

On average, it equals about up to 5 years’ worth of loads. We recommend using 3 balls per small to medium size loads and 6 balls for larger loads.

You’ll know when to replace your balls of wool once they start looking straggly and you’ll notice pieces of wool tearing off.


With endless benefits, there is really no downside on switching to wool chemical-free dryer balls. You’ll enjoy saving a little bit of money while also reducing your carbon footprint and posing no health risks to you or your family.

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