Stats & Facts About Sleep (Infographic) - Part 2

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written by Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD May 21, 2019

Along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, sleep plays a major role in our health. With this compilation of interesting facts and statistics about sleep, we hope you will gain insight and recognize the importance of sleep in your daily lives. The significance of the positive, as well as negative effects of sleep, should not be ignored, or taken for granted.

Improve Sleep Quality and Quantity

Consistency with a routine is important. Sleeping at the same time each night will help the body develop the sleep patters. Regular exercise would help too.


Where and How You Sleep Matters!

If you could change it, avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position does not allow the neutral spine position.

how and where to sleep


What to Avoid to Improve Sleep Quality

Acidic food, caffeine and sugary drinks could cause digestion issues and heartburn.

what not to eat before bedtime



How Technology Affects Sleep

Using digital devices that 1 hour before bedtime could diminish sleep quantity and quality.

artificial night light

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