5 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure at Home

We live in a technology-saturated world, as a result, society is experiencing unprecedented levels of exposure to harmful man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). We’re surrounded by EMFs every day and everywhere we go.

Consequently,  there is mounting evidence to suggest our increased exposure to toxic EMFs is responsible for an alarming rise in negative repercussions to our health.

Globally, health issues and damaging biological impacts related to electromagnetic sensitivity are on the rise. Symptoms characterized as Electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS) are being reported more frequently, especially in cities.


Symptoms of EHS 

Sensitivity to EMF exposure can vary but symptoms include fatigue, poor sleep, and a lower ability to handle stress than previously. Long-term exposure can result in a foggy brain and has been linked to conditions ranging from chronic fatigue to mitochondrial issues, poor neurological health, anxiety and ADHD.


Reducing/limiting exposure is the best defense. 

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We cannot ignore the dangers and long-term impacts on our health which is why we must all take steps towards safeguarding our surroundings. The best mechanism for protecting yourself from the toxic effects of man-made EMFs is to reduce/limit exposure. While it’s impossible to completely avoid EMFs altogether - a great place to start limiting exposure levels is one in which we do have more control over - our homes.


Top tips to reduce EMFs in your home

1. Less WiFi

Turn off your wireless internet router (WiFi) when not in use, especially before bedtime. You can even buy plugs that allow you to set this to occur on a timer. Or - better yet - if it’s not too big of an inconvenience use an Ethernet cable to hardwire your computer(s) to your router and disable the WiFi signal altogether.


2. Break your cell phone habits.

Cell phone habits can make a difference in your exposure levels. Examine how attached you are to your device and try where you can to put some healthy distance between yourself and your mobile phone usage and habits. For example: If you sleep with your cell phone right next to you - stop immediately. Carry your phone in your pocket at all times? Try not to carry it directly on your body, when you’re not using it put it in your handbag, briefcase, or even get a waist clip for it.  Finally, if you have a landline available - use it - forward your cell phone to it and turn off or put your cell phone into airplane mode while you’re at home. Choose wired rather than cordless phones for your home landline - cordless phones.


3. Monitor usage of electronics (and keep them out of the bedroom!)

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Cutback on your use of electronics wherever you can. Turn off the circuit breakers to rooms in your household when they aren’t in use. To mitigate EMF damage and maximize your sleep try to remove as many electronics as possible from your bedroom. Ex. devices chargers, alarm clocks, etc. If you cannot entirely remove electronics from your sleeping space try to maintain a distance of at least six between your bed and all electrical devices.


4. Life without a microwave

One of the best ways to reduce exposure in your home is to say goodbye to your microwave. Microwave ovens emit strong EMF radiation and result in more exposure than almost any other electronic device. The metal mesh on the door is supposed to shield/enclose the EMFs,  but most (especially old or faulty microwaves) still leak radiation when in use. If you’re not ready to ditch it completely, please do not stand in front of the microwave while in use. You should leave the room entirely or at the very least keep as much distance from it as possible.


5. Stay wired.

Network Cable for Laptop

As mentioned in the WiFi tip, keeping it old school with a wired connection is best - and this generally applies across the board. For your home landline if you have one it is always better to use traditional wired telephones rather than cordless phones. A cordless phone base and the handsets, emit a full blast amount of RF Radiation 24/7. Use a wired stereo or headset instead of Bluetooth. Plug your Apple TV directly into the router, instead of having these devices communicate through the air. Just think - the more wires you have around means fewer EMFs infiltrating your space.


Written by: Jasen Masek - Vancouver BC - Benchmark Environmental

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