10 New Habits to Reduce EMF Exposure Level

We do not realize the EMF exposure level we have in our day to day lives. Most of us live in a home with our WiFi 24/7 and sleep with our phones next to our heads. All these electronic devices emit harmful EMF radiation.

If you live in a busy apartment building, you probably are exposed to at least 20 wireless networks in range of your computer.

EMF exposure comes from cars, power lines, laptops, cell phone towers, WiFi, and even our kitchen appliances! It's literally everywhere.

Scientists show growing evidence that too much electromagnetic field (EMFs) exposure can be harmful to our health. Even the World Health Organization classified EMFs as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" in 2011.

What can we do about this?


Here are 10 ways to Reduce your EMF Exposure:

1. Buy an EMF-blocking blanket

Not only does this blanket help you sleep soundly, but it's scientifically proven to block 99% of wireless EMFs that can be harmful to your health.

With this blanket, you will protect yourself (or your loved ones) from EMFs while you sleep, go on road trips, work from home on your electronic device, and more! This EMF-Blocking blanket is great because it can be used while awake or asleep.

2. Avoid body contact with your cell phone and computer.

Try to avoid body contact with your phone, laptop or tablet. Don't put your phone in your pocket or bra. If you need to carry it on you, put it on airplane mode.

Most cell phone manufacturers recommend keeping at least 2 inches of space between you and your phone. Refrain from sleeping with your phone next to you (keep it at least 6 ft away - if not in another room).

Make sure to always put a barrier between you and your laptop and use the speaker button when you can for talking on the phone!

3. Go easy on the home WiFi.

WiFi is a wonderful thing. But it's great to practice turning off your WiFi router when going to bed. This simple step will reduce WiFi signals pulsating through your house for 8-9 hours a night.

4. Avoid or limit Wireless Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth devices such as earphones, headsets, portable speakers and wireless watches all emit EMF exposure. If you use these daily, try to limit your usage or turn them off when not in use (or put on airplane mode).

5. Get rid of your microwave.

It's fairly simple to live without a microwave! Use your conventional oven or reheat your food on the stovetop. This is a healthy option, not only for your food's nutrition but for you and your family's health.

6. Keep wireless devices out of the bedroom and kitchen.

It's best to keep all these devices out of where you spend most of your time.

7. Wired is better than wireless.

Hard-wiring your office and home are safer ways to achieve connectivity for your devices. Wired mouse and keyboard as well!

8. Keep children away from WiFi sources.

Make sure all electronic devices are away from your children's room. If you have a baby, it's best not to use a wireless baby monitor.

9. Take a break from social media.

Taking a week (or even a month) long break from social media can significantly lower your EMF exposure. You will probably cut down more than half of your phone's screen time by doing this.

10. Spend more time with people you love and in nature

Spending time outdoors can help ground you mentally and physically. Even 15-30 minutes of being outside.

Practice turning your phone off when spending quality time with the friends and family you love.


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Written by:  Melissa Ureten


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